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Not an orgasm, but a union by mental fusion ; Female orgasm by "Ki"

par Houzan Suzuki

Friday 8 December 2006, by ganesha

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Not an orgasm, but a union by mental fusion

Following article has nothing to do with a physical orgasm, and you don’t have to do it if you are not interested.

I will briefly explain the way to enjoy the union for more than 30 minutes.

By the way, the position used here is face to face sitting position.

In this case, stay in penetration without moving a lot, totally forgetting about orgasm and ejaculation.

You can take your favorite variation of sitting position.

As the sole main objective here is to enjoy deeply the long mental fusion, you may move just a little, time to time, to keep man’s erection and woman’s pleasure from going down too much.

If you feel, instead of sense of union of body as the chunk of meat, "sense of melting into one" of aura as if it were "gas" or "liquid", it is OK.

If you have trouble getting these feelings, both of you can use mental "image" of such union.

To do this technique, it is more effective if your eyes are closed.

Please read "Mysticism of Sex" for yet deeper mystic dimension of sex and method of practice.

Female orgasm by "Ki"

To lead a woman to deep orgasm by hand stimulation, it is important to set the target of "Ki" emanating from the hand up to womb and ovaries instead of targeting only clitoris.

When a man put his hand at outside vagina to send "Ki" from his hand, experiment with different target such as, up to "inside vagina", "a little farther into uterus", up to "the center of breast", or up to "the head and top of the head", to see the change in woman’s sensation.

Of course, female partner should tell each change of sensation to male partner.

For hand stimulation, just quickly moving fingers doesn’t make her come,
simply making strong stimulation is not good either.

But it does not mean that soft touch will always work, nor it is simple thing as stimulating only G-spot.

Actors and directors of pornographic video are too ignorant about these matters even though they are only concerned about economical factors.
* * * * * * * * *
When male partner put his hand on genitals and vagina,
if he keeps in the mind to send "Ki" into her body gently,
even he doesn’t think about physical stimulation,
she would quickly go up to her climax.

Because women are sensitive to these energies from the beginning.

@ @ @ * * * @ @ @

Now, I will write about a few points to remind of when you do sexual stimulation by the "Ki" from hand.

If a man who has no training in conserving "Ki" in his belly or sending "Ki" from hand tries to imitate this technique, he will loose as much sexual energy as ejaculating.
So, please keep the use of "Ki" from hand to send her into an orgasm for only once in a sexual session.
You will see, if you do, that surprising amount is absorbed when sending "Ki" from your hand into her vagina.

Even in usual Chi-qong style therapies, there is not much absorption as this when hand is place on the body. Probably, because the womb is the place to nurture, protect, and give birth to a baby, it has strong ability to absorb and conserve any kind of life energy.

However, if you send "ki" to the same womb from belly, it’s not absorbed as much. Only when the energy is sent through vagina, absorption seems to increase remarkably.

Therefore, if a man without any training about control of "Ki" sends energy into vagina or uterus and he doesn’t feel depleted, it means that he was not be able to send "Ki" from his hand at all.

1998 1/13 by Houzan