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"Seven points of contact" method for determining the right partner

par Houzan Suzuki

Friday 8 December 2006, by ganesha

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* Sex with an incompatible partner brings bad luck and sickness

* Be careful in choosing a sexual partner

I have heard people saying, "She is just for sex", ".... he is my toy", "We are sex friends" .

Even though certain relations seem to be limited to bellow the belly, in reality, there are energy exchanges of many levels through sex.
In short, if you take sex as a mere "act of dispersing sexual desires", really "great misfortune" can happen to you.

There are stories such as, "Once there was an emperor of the peaceful, prosperous land. One day, the emperor made love with a woman, and only once. But the empire started to encounter bad lucks and finally it was wiped out.", or something like, "A woman had been without any luck all her life. But after making love with a man, her life changed completely with the happiness and fortune."
In the last case, it does not mean that she married with him.

Having sex only once with someone is enough to let "the exchanges of energy and information at invisible layers", other than the pleasure of sex. If you continue the relation, being unaware of these energies, not just bad lucks but sickness could be the result. (I’m not talking of STDs.) Depression, hysteria, and many kinds of dependency from choosing wrong sexual partner must be a commom-place.

Choosing a sexual partner is different from finding someone to marry. Nevertheless, you share something with your body in certain time-space.
What is happening in sexual relations could be said as "a marriage of a kind" for an hour or so, even in sex with a prostitute or a sex friend.
Therefore, if you choose your sexual partner just for your desires or pleasure, you may have a surprise later.
On contrary, if the right partner is chosen, your health and fortune can improve through the relations.
* Watch out if following things start to happen.

After having sex with a person, you may feel ill or you may have health problem.
It’s not just you are a little tired from sex. It’s is something like making more mistakes at work, getting injured, or actually getting ill.
It can also be financial problems, business problems, or problems like being robbed, having an accident, involved in an act of violence.
You may notice that a sexual contact with one person brings good luck, while it is bad luck that sex with other person brings.

As far as sexual partner is concerned, you should immediately end the sexual relations if following symptoms are observed on the top of injuries and mistakes.
That is, "illness of different degree accompanied by inflammation". Inflammation of the mouth, boils and sores of skin are less serious while inflammation of the lung and tumor of the internal organs are more. (As tumors may become a cancer, please be careful.)
* Fever and cold have nothing to do with sex. Diarrhea and constipation are not related because the sickness from sex is different from eating.

These symptoms happen as a signal when your body is trying to reject the partner at subconscious level. If you don’t take care, they may turn into serious physical problem or, in some cases, they may manifest as depression and other psychiatric problem.
* How to choose the partner and its bases

There are numerous systems that claim to figure out good friends or the right person for a marriage.
For example, astrology, numerology, blood types, palm reading, psychic reading, and so on.
In Zen Tantra of Mumyouan, a totally different method is used for choosing sexual partner.
It is an original method called "Seven points of contact".
It uses the feeling you get when a light physical contact is made with the proposed partner.
It checks at seven different points of body to avoid incompatible partners and resulting misfortune.

This method can also be used to choose a partner for specific purposes and the partner of lifetime.

Actual process of "Seven points of contact"

Though it could be used in varying situation, you had better check the current sexual partner first. If you want to use it with possible sexual partner, it’s better to explain that this method will verify compatibility for both of you and to obtain consent.
Basics of the judging method

As you make a contact at the specific point of body, one by one, if you feel:
comfortable, at home, at ease, relaxed, uplifted, aroused, sympathetic, gentle and soft, it is considered compatible at the part you are making the contact.

But if you feel:
tension, wacky feeling, distrust, fear, indifference, defensive, it is considered incompatible at the part.

Now, please start actual checking with the above guideline.
By the way, since all process can be done with clothes on, you can check casually and before getting very intimate. If the result shows the incompatibility, don’t sex with that person.
1. Hands to hands

Contact the palms, fingers, and thumbs of each other.
Don’t make movement at this time. If you do, it may become something like a foreplay and difficult to evaluate calmly the compatibility.
During the contact, close your eyes to feel inside yourself.
If you have difficulty, you may hold lightly the hand.

* Good compatibility at this point indicates that planning something together, talking about past memories and untold feelings, talking like a counseling session can be done well.
In other words, this point shows the compatibility for the communication of the mind.
2. Feet to feet

Contact the soles of each other and check for the feeling. You may move the tows a little.

* Good compatibility of this point shows compatibility in "doing physical works" together.
Compared to the compatibility of hands that is good for planning or designing something together, compatibility of feet is good for doing "actual works". It also improves one’s luck in finance, and indicates best partner for voyages.
3. Back to back

Stand up, and contact the backs. Stay still without making any movement, and feel inside yourself. Don’t focus on superficial senses such as the warmth of the partner’s back, stick to the feeling inside yourself.

* Good compatibility of this part indicates that both of you will grow competing against each other as a good rival.
Fighting may bring better relation sometime while it may spoil the relation.
Usually, those couples who improve their relationship through fighting have good compatibility of backs. They are ideal partners for competitive sports and learning something together.
4. Forehead to forehead

Contact foreheads. Needless to say, it’s not a foreplay. So, no kissing is allowed.
It is not the contact of cheeks, either. Make a contact of forehead to forehead, or side to side above ear.
Imagine that your heads are melting together and in fusion, sense what you feel at that moment.

* If there is good compatibility at this part, a long relation brings positive effects for both of you.
If you want to choose someone to marry, the compatibility at this part is crucial.
Even how good the compatibility at heart or genital is, it wouldn’t last long without good one here.
With the good matching of the head, regardless of marrying, you can become best friends in all aspects, and a couple who can "relate to each other as a human" before as a man and a woman.
5. Breast to breast

Lightly hold each other, and contact breasts. Don’t move or shake other part such as waist.
Bring all your attention to breast, and imagine that your breasts are melting and fusing together, just like you have done for the head contact. Then, watch the feeling comes up.

* If it feels right here, you will be good partners to have fun together, laughing and playing.
As you will share emotions, you may cry in emotion together. Most of couples at their early stage of love have good compatibility at this part, temporary, and it is just a heat of passion. Thus it can be very quick to cool down if you start relation just because the feeling of heart is united.
Since the center of breast is connected to listening, it will be good to listen to the music together.
6. Belly to belly

It is not the stomach or above navel, but contact bellow navel. Again, don’t push your genitals against your partners’.
Concentrate at your belly and pay attention to your feeling.

* Good matching here shows that you can spend long hours together.
However, it doesn’t happen by the mental connection as it was the case in the head compatibility, but by matching of the wavelength of body. With the good compatibility of head or breast, you may get bored and cool down if you stick to each other too long, it will last longer with the matching of belly even if you often stay and stick for hours.
Therefore, it shows a partner easy to get along in daily life.
Further, it is good for "pregnancy and having baby".
So, as well as the head compatibility, this is important for marrying.
It is good to see movies together since the center of belly is connected to seeing.
7. Genital to genital

Over your clothes, contact your genital area. Try soft pushes and gentle movements.
Though you may have a little sexual impulse, focus on the feeling that happens inside yourself.

* Good compatibility here means you can enjoy sex together. Other than sex, it is good to have a meal together since the center of sex is connected to tasting.

What are the requirements for a right sexual partner ?

Our objectives in Mumyouan are "simultaneous orgasm" and "deeper orgasm". We are not for marriage or love counseling. Therefore, the important compatibility required for the objectives is the set of three, namely number 4, 5, and 7.
It means if there is a bad matching in the following three parts, forehead and head, breast, genital, you are not good partners for the practice of this method.
(Hand, foot, back, and belly do not have direct influence for sex.)

So, even if there is good feeling at genital,
it doesn’t make good partners with bad feeling at breast.
Or, good feeling at genital and breast does not mean deep orgasm,
if forehead is incompatible.
Contrary, how strong the harmony of head and breast may, no good sex is possible without compatibility at genital.

A person who shares good compatibility at all three parts is the ideal partner for your sex.
You will get "fresh", "energized", and "healthy" after having sex with such partner instead of being depleted.

But if you ignore this rule and continue to have sex, you may get only "satisfaction of physical level" for body by changing many partners and trying many kinds of styles, and at the end, you will get feeling of vain and being tired. Also, as I have stated at the beginning, sex with the partner who shows incompatibility at one of these three parts will bring inflammations, sore, and careless injuries.

So, even for the partner limited to sexual relation,
if you keep going to prostitute, sleeping with someone you just get to know at the bar, or adultery,
where the compatibility check of you and your partner in the higher dimensions such as "Ki" or "aura" is neglected,
you will experience bad lucks on your financial, health, and general situation,
and nothing so good at the end.

Also, this verification of "Seven points of contact" method is utterly impossible under the influence of alcohol. Thus it does not work in a party or at the single bar.
In the sexual teaching of Mumyouan, alcohol is prohibited within 3 days before sex for following reasons. If alcohol or other substance is introduced,
natural pleasure of sex is spoiled because normal function of tactile sensation become out of order and the integral harmony of brain chemistry is disturbed,
it is impossible to reach a deep orgasm resulting in blackout or dimension similar to the meditation,
you can’t choose sexual partner correctly.

So, you had better be very cautious about choosing a sexual partner as much as choosing the mate for the marriage or love.
1998 5/6 Houzan Suzuki